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Museo archeologico statale di Ascoli Piceno

Where Piazza Arringo, 28, Ascoli Piceno

The Museum, opened in 1981, is housed in the sixteenth century Panichi Palace, overlooked Arringo Square, in the historic center of Ascoli Piceno. The ;Museum is divided into three sections with a chronological path that winds through the three floors of the building. Through the exhibits of the rich collection of Ascoli, created in 1865 on the basis of the donation of the eighteenth century Bishop Mazzoni and findings from recent excavations, the Museum offers a unique overview of the archaeological area. The route starts on the second floor, which displays Prehistorical artefacts (from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age); on the first floor, the exhibits from the old Piceno complex, illustrating the peculiarities of the cultural aspects of the territory in the first millennium BC; the ground floor, which also includes remains of ancient masonry structures, houses the remains of the Roman period. The path is completed with a visit to the nearby area of ​​the Palace of the Captains, with a visit to the Roman monuments: the Theater and the Twin Gates.


Tuesday-Sunday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm

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