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Where VIA MONTI DI LIZU, 6, Aggius (Olbia-Tempio)

The Ethnographic Museum "Olivia Carta Cannas", is located in the town of Aggius, in the province of Nuoro and is the largest in Sardinia. Named to Olivia Cannas, following the donation of the rooms and the yard by his family, the Mmuseum is housed in the old structure of the town and the rest in a new wing. The Mmuseum houses a permanent exhibition of Aggese carpet, culture and traditions of Gallura from 1600 to the present day. In the various rooms there are different versions, from those related to weaving, with the recreation of the ancient methods of coloring of wool and warping on archaic looms, the period costumes, with the exhibition of clothes everyday, festive and reserved for special occasions, as well as jewelry skillfully worked. Through the recreation of the shops, the Museum revive the old crafts related to the agro-pastoral economy; while playing scenes of village festival, evoke traditional forms of song and dance.

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