Luogo - Archaeological Area


Where STRADA STATALE 125 OLBIA - PALAU, Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)

Located just outside the town of Arzachena, looks like an impressive structure, even if the upper floor partially collapsed. It 'made of rough granite blocks, and dates back to around the Middle Bronze Age (1600 BC) on the basis of a number of materials found during the excavations. The walls of the dolmen huddled up close to a large granite rock, which replaces part of the wall structure, which is why the dolmen has an irregular layout which gives him a look "pseudonuraghe". Around the dolmen are the remains of circular huts which formed the nuragic village, and about 80 meters from the complex, are the remains of the tomb of the giants, "Tomb Moro", which is to be considered related to the life of this dolmen.

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