Luogo - Archaeological Area

Necropoli di Li Muri

Where Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)

The Necropolis, dated to the second half of the fourth millennium BC and due to the Arzachena culture, is composed by five lytic cases, four of which are surrounded by circles of stones that originally bordered the mound of earth and rubble that had been erected booby burial. The boxes are square-shaped, formed by stone slabs. They were buried the deceased, probably individually (unlike the rest of Sardinia, where the graves were usually collective), accompanied by grave goods including pottery, stone vessels, axes and soapstone necklace beads and stones. Both the architecture of the Necropolis that artefacts found show similarities with contemporary sites of Corsica and the Pyrenean region.

Necropoli di Li Muri c
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