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Complesso nuragico di Albucciu

Where Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)

Albucciu nuragic complex is located a few kilometers from the town of Arzachena, in "Malchittu", and consists of a dolmen, a village of round huts and a Tomb of the Giants. The dolmen is set against a granite formation, it has a plant vaguely rectangular and entrance on the east side. The walls are made with medium-lar blocks of granite, eight characteristic corbels projecting beyond the thread of the masonry crown the top, with the aim of hindering the climb from the outside. The interior had to be accessible through a door on the roof. An elliptical room is the largest room of the dolmen, divided into two floors by a wooden loft. From the terrace you access a tower. The Albucciu is considered mixed, with characteristic features both of the  "tholos" nuraghi that those "in the hallway". Its activity is between the media and the Late Bronze Age. Iron Age dates from the Tomb of the Giants, called "Moru Tomb", defined by a series of slabs and built in a mound.

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