Luogo - Archaeological Area

Tomba dei giganti Li Lolghi

Where Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)
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The funeral monuments of Nuragic Sardinia (15th- 10th century BC) are represented by megalithic sepultures called %u201Ctombe dei giganti%u201D (literally giants%u2019 tombs). Their dimension attests the magnificence of the architecture in that period. It is supposed that the %u201Ctombe dei giganti%u201D were reserved to important people, their families or particular groups in the village. Also Li Lolghi tomb has the typical plan of this typology, a rectangular funeral chamber inside an apsed structure with semicircular exedra in the front. The tomb is 200m far from the necropolis %u201CLi Muri%u201D and was maybe related to a near nuraghe. It is characterised by a big monolithic stele, a granite well- shaped semi-elliptical slab, adorned with a cornice and an oblique fillet which divides the surface into two parts. The stele, 3.75m high in the middle of the exedra, is visible from a distance on a hilltop. Around it, 14 monoliths stuck vertically into the ground and rising towards the centre, delimit the semicircular area of the exedra, where funeral rites had place.


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