Luogo - Archaeological Area

Nuraghe La Prisgiona

Where Località Capichera, Arzachena (Olbia-Tempio)

Prisgiona Nuraghe is an archaeological site (occupied by XIV up to the ninth century BC), located in the Valley of Capichera, in the municipality of Arzachena. The complex consists of a Nuraghe and a village of about 90-100 huts, spread over 5 hectares. Because of its large size and the number of buildings, the site is considered unique in the nuragico context of Gallura. Nearby it is also located the Tomb of the Giants of Coddu Vecchiu. The dolmen, complex type "tholos", controls an area of ​​several square kilometers. It presents a central tower and two side forming a bastion. The entrance is marked by a massive lintel. The central chamber has a false dome and is equipped with three niches. The bastion is further protected by a wall that borders a large courtyard, with a central pit still working, the bottom of which were found numerous pottery. The "Meeting Room" is a circular building that is within walking distance from the well. The bench internal, ring-shaped, could accommodate 16 people (managers and other persons of rank). The village is spread around the dolmen: a block of five huts revealed specific craft activities. The part left to light suggests that it was inhabited by a dynamic and organized community, who wove relationships with other peoples of the Mediterranean.

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