Luogo - Archaeological Area

Nuraghe Majori di Tempio Pausania

Where Conca Marina, snc, Tempio Pausania (Olbia-Tempio)
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The monument rises on a granite rock dominating the valley.

It is a single tower nuraghe with an unusual typology, showing both corridor and tholos-style nuraghe characteristics. The tower is irregular in plan: the walls are built of rough polygonal granite blocks of different size. 

The entrance leads to a corridor, which crosses the nuraghe ending in a wide semicircular courtyard; two ovoid- shape rooms with tholos roof are in the middle of the corridor. The covering of the corridor is made of horizontal slabs in the entrance and then ogival. 

The nuraghe dates back to the end of the Early Bronze Age and the Final Bronze Age (14th %u2013 12th century BC).


Not accessible to disabled people.

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