Luogo - Museum

Civico Museo Setificio Monti

Where Via Nazionale, 93, Abbadia Lariana (Lecco)

In 1818 Peter Monti transformed the old building for felting wool into a place for the production of silk. In 1869 he has enlarged the production, with the addition of new environments for spinning cocoon: the first of the two spinning machines was demolished and in its place were built three rectangular spinning machines. In use until 1934, after a period of stagnation and decay, it is purchased by the City of Abbadia, in 1978. The restoration of the buildings and spinning machines beginning in 1981. In 1998, the Museum was finally inaugurated, composed by two buildings: one with the wrapping machine, the other with the mill and its activities.

Civico Museo Setificio Monti c
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