Luogo - Castle

Castello dell'Innominato

Where Via Don Serafino Morazzone, 51, Vercurago (Lecco)

On the highest point of the district of Somasca, stands the ancient fortress high above the area of ​​Vercurago and Lake Lecco. The first historical date back to the fourteenth century, when the Castle was owned by the Visconti family, although probably the first group of fortifications dating back to the Carolingian period. The fortress is now known as the "Castle of the Unnamed" in that tradition identifies the building as the residence of Francesco Bernardino Visconti, historical figure which inspired Alessandro Manzoni in "The Betrothed" to create the Unnamed. Today the Castle is in ruins: largely dismantled already in 1509, by French troops and the local population, who used it for re-use of building materials. Preserves intact the perimeter wall, part of the defensive bastions and several towers, while the spaces covered and the chapels on the summit have been largely rebuilt. Original is also the long flight of steps, carved directly into the rock. Near the castle is the St. Ambrose's Chapel.

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