Luogo - Religious building

Santuario di San Girolamo Emiliani

Where Via San Gerolamo, 36, Vercurago (Lecco)

Headquarters of the Congregation of Clerks Regular of Somasca and place of life and works of St. Jerome Emiliani, founder of the order. The construction of the Sanctuary began in 1544, broadened the St. Bartholomew's Church. The building was extensively remodeled during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Built on a hill, built upon the foundations of the stone. The interior consists of three naves, the central one shows the vaulted ceiling a few scenes of the St. Jerome Emiliani's life. The main altar, in Baroque style, is made of multicolored marble and includes a painting from 1619 depicting the Holy. To the left of the altar is a tomb chamber which currently houses the remains of his father Vincenzo Gambarana. In the left aisle there is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady, in which is placed a polychrome statue of the sixteenth century and fifteen oval decorative representing the Mysteries of the Rosary, painted by Carlo Ceresa. The last extension works date back to 1937, with the arches that surround the square and for the pilgrims.

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