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Museo del ciclismo Madonna del Ghisallo

Where Via G. Bartali, 4, Magreglio (Como)

Madonna del Ghisallo has a long and fascinating history linking it to the sport of cycling. This famous hill, with its spectacular views, is in fact an iconic location for cyclists of all ages and categories, both competitive and non-competitive. For this reason, thousands of cycling enthusiasts come up to Ghisallo each year also to visit its 17th century Shrine containing a painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Madonna del Ghisallo, declared the patroness of cyclists. Beside the shrine rises the Cycling Museum. A museum devoted to the men and women who have used and continue to use the bicycle in everyday life and in sports, our museum has the goal to spread worldwide the 2 wheels scene: the athletes, bicycle manufacturers, organisers, sports club directors, journalists and many other perhaps less well-known but equally important participants. The Ghisallo Museum collects the most interesting magazines and volumes regarding cycling preserved in our specialized library at academic and cycling lovers disposal for consultations. Periodically we promote cultural and artistic events in order to set out the different sides of the cycling world. Our Museum has also a Book shop with the most interesting book releases and many gadgets. On the last floor you can find a conference room and two laboratories for didactic workshops.

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