Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica

Where Venosa (Potenza)

The Archaeological Area contains the monumental ruins of the Latin colony of Venusia, founded by the Romans in 291 a. C., the home of Horace. You can visit the large public complex - which the thermal plant built in the first century AD and it renovated until the third century AD - and the living quarters, including a domus with mosaics and a block bordered by roads pavements. Majestic backdrop of the route is the monument the incomplete Abbey of the Holy Trinity, built in Norman times, fully restored making readable the different construction phases. Among the actions that followed, we note the new location, in the sixteenth century, the tomb of Robert the Guiscard and his brothers. The expansion of the Park will be integrated with the adjacent archaeological sites, where you can see the amphitheater and the Christian and Jewish catacombs.

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