Luogo - Religious building


Where Via S. Maria Maggiore, Vasto (Chieti)

Built in the eleventh century, the church was heavily damaged by the Turkish invaders in 1566 and later by a fire in 1645. In the Eighties of the eighteenth century the church was re-built in brick and enlarged, so as to acquire an imposing aspect; nevertheless the façade kept the massive belfry, erected in the fourteenth century, as the hanging arches prove. The interior is well-lit and airy and consists of one single nave covered with vaults and a cupola. It preserves the relic of the Sacred Thorn, a fifteenth-century monstrance by Nicola from Guardiagrele and precious canvases, among which the Madonna with Child in throne, in Titianesque style and Saint Catherine's Weddings attributed to Paolo Veronese.
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