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Musei di Palazzo d'Avalos (Museo Archeologico, Museo del Costume Antico, Pinacoteca)

Where Piazza L. V. Pudente, 1, Vasto (Chieti)

The Museums of Palazzo d'Avalos are divided into: Archaeological Museum, Art Gallery and Ancient Dresses Museum.

Archaeological Museum

Founded in 1849 on the initiative of the mayor Pietro Muzii as Archaeological Cabinet of Vasto, it collects artifacts found in Vasto and its hinterland. The course is divided into five rooms: "Vasto and its territory between Iron Age and 1st century BC"; "The development of Roman municipium of Histonium"; "The great city of Imperial age"; "The necropolis of Roman city"; The city between late antiquity and the early Middle Ages ".


Located in the eastern and southern wings, on the first floor of the building, It was founded in 1849 as a Civic Antiquarium, to become a Gallery in 1850 thanks to the donations by Filippo Palizzi. Subsequently, other works have gone to increase Museum's heritage, which after a long period of closure reopened to the public in 1999.

Ancient Dresses Museum

Located in the north wing of the first floor, It was founded in 1995 on the initiative of Lions Club Foundation through a request for donation of ancient and precious objects (lace, costumes, underwear, parasols, trunks, sedans, etc.) by private owners.

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