Luogo - Religious building

Duomo di Vasto

Where Piazza L. V. Pudente, Vasto (Chieti)

Cathedral of Vasto, dedicated to San Giuseppe, preserves ancient church dedicated to Santa Margherita only the facade, with the portal and the fourteenth-century rose window. The church was enlarged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It has a rose window, stringcourse cornices and stone portal, as well as pillars and architrave. The bell tower was rebuilt in the eighteenth century, however, from Middle Ages remains the base with pointed arch. The interior, with a single nave and transept, is painted in two colors with fake stone blocks made by Achille Carnevale in 1923. The roof is geometric and flat, the supporting columns are streaked with green, with Corinthian capitals that support three arches for each side, each of which contains a chapel decorated with scenes from New Testament.

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