Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Pennaluce

Where Via Punta Penna, Vasto (Chieti)

The church of Santa Maria di Pennaluce, adjacent to the Lighthouse of Punta Penna, was built in the fifteenth century and rebuilt in Romanesque style in 1887. It has a Greek cross plant and is decorated with small rosettes. On the transept stands a dome, the tiny bell tower is sailing. Externally it is surrounded by a portico. The Lighthouse and Church of S. Maria di Pennaluce have given rise to many legends: it is said that the statue of Madonna della Penna, after being stolen by Turks, was found in the same place where it was taken away, while the ship sank. On the second Sunday of May, a festival is celebrated in honor of Madonna, which includes a long procession of boats.

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