Luogo - Architecture

Archivio di Stato di Pesaro - Sezione di Urbino

Where Via Vittorio Veneto, 42, Urbania (Pesaro e Urbino)

This Archive houses a vernacular description, with its plant, about North Africa and neighboring areas with numerous teponimi and perspective views. The parchment, undated and anonymous, served as a cover to a bastard of notarial deeds. Daily martyrology with widespread narrative of the exploits of the Saints and in particular those of S. Eusebio. Written on two columns has the initials decorated in red ink. Very elegant initial incipit. Letter written by Giuseppe Garibaldi sent from Caprera, in 1862, to Themistocles Santopadre. The letter, restored in 1990, was attached to a case file of the year 1862, out of the Santopadre. Probably it's a letter code, how do think the first words of the text. The letter was enclosed in an envelope on which are still legible 4 stamps posted: those of the Post Office in Florence, Bologna and the other two of the Magdalene. The envelope and letter were seized as mentioned in lacquer red wax seal bearing the royal crest of Public Safety.

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