Luogo - Historical building

Ex Convento di Sant'Agostino

Where Via Giacomo Matteotti, Urbino (Pesaro e Urbino)

Located on the south west side of the Poggio Hill, the building was erected in the second half of the thirteenth century, with the arrival of the Augustinian Fathers in the city. The Church still retains the original external structure, in the Gothic style. The interior has a single nave, with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, and the only entrance on the eastern side. It notes an interesting sundial on the floor. The exterior facades of the Church and Convent are in brick. The Monastery was suppressed in 1850, by Pius IX, for the small number of monks. In 1973, it underwent a radical restructuring, by the architect De Carlo to house the Faculty of Law: the building changed greatly, keeping only in the eighteenth-century exterior facades and cloister.

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