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Centro per l'arte contemporanea "La Rocca di Umbertide"

Where Piazza Fortebraccio, Umbertide (Perugia)
“La Rocca di Umbertide” Contemporary Art Museum The Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea “La Rocca” is in the historical center of Umbertide, in Piazza Fortebracci. “La Rocca” was a powerful medieval fortress, built at the end of the 14th century by the architect Angeluccio di Ceccolo on a design of Alberto Guidalotti. The construction, composed of an imposing squared tower, more than 30 meters high, and three other large crenellate towers, was the object of important restoration work during the 1980s, which has allowed the recovery of its historical identity, and at the same time the complete exploitation of its rooms and spaces designated to host the Contemporary Art Exhibitions today. Periodically, the Civic Collection “Giovanni Ciagnotti” is displayed here, where besides the works of this artist, there are also works of Renato Birolli, Mino Maccari, Luciano Minguzzi, Toti Scialoja, Mirko Bassaldella, Corrado Cagli and Domenico Consagra.
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