Luogo - Museum

Centro di documentazione della civiltà lungo il Tevere

Where Loc. Ramazzano, Strada Palazzetta, Perugia
Documentation Center of the Civilizations Along the Tiber River The Centro di Documentazione delle Civilizzazioni lungo il Fiume Tevere is located at the former Elementary School of Ramazzano, a small locality in the fertile flat of the Tiber River about 8 kilometers from Perugia. The Center illustrates the different uses of the River in the portion that runs through the territorial area of Perugia: as an indispensable resource for communication and exchange, a source of energy for the industries located along its banks, up to the entertainment of the collectivity—that in past times used to swim and play in it. The visit itinerary is organized around four thematic sections, with a substantial photographic apparatus, display panels, and a series of scale models reproducing the territory, bridges and boats.
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