Luogo - Museum

Centro delle tradizioni popolari "Livio Dalla Ragione"

Where Località Garavelle, 2, Città di Castello (Perugia)
Tradition and Folklore Heritage Center "Livio Dalla Ragione" The Centro delle Tradizioni Popolari “Livio Dalla Ragione” is located in the southern suburban area of Città di Castello, inside the farmhouse annexed to Villa Cappelletti. Instituted in 1974, the museum is one of the first examples of the kind exhibits items associated with peasant traditions and everyday life. The craftsmanship and tools for the daily production and preservation of consumer goods are documented room by room, with total respect for the popular habits of domestic economy of their time. The tour visit starts from the ground floor, where there is the blacksmith workshop, with its tools—lather bellow included—of common use, the stable with the tools to take care of the animals, such as yoke, hay and straw Chaff cutters, horse tacks and baskets and the wine cellar with flasks, funnels, barrels, jars and wine presses. In the room where grapes are pressed, apart from the terracotta vases, the olive oil amphorae and the baskets, there is a millstone and a gigantic 18 century wine press. On the upper floor there is the large typical patriarchal family kitchen, with its stone framed fireplace and beamed ceiling, where the drying grapes of "uva passa"—sultan raisin—are hung to make the dessert wine called "Vin Santo". At the same time, daily work utensils such as the food mills for mashing tomatoes, old "battilarde"—i.e. wooden chopping boards—for curing fatback and mincing lard, several "grattacascie"—i.e. cheese graters— of various forms and sizes and baskets and flour sifters are hung on the walls. The bedroom is furnished with an iron bed topped by a cushion full of cornhusks used as a mattress andloom-woven linen. The workshops of the shoemaker and that of the carpenter follow. In the large garret below the roof, all the tools necessary to process cereals and textile manufacturing process instruments, like the looms and spinning machines, are collected.
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