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Campanile cilindrico

Where Via del Modello, Città di Castello (Perugia)
The Cylindrical Bell Tower Located in the city center of Città di Castello, next to the Cathedral of the Santi Florido and Amanzio, of which it is part of, the Campanile Cilindrico represents one of the architectonic symbols of this town. Its cylindrical structure recalls Ravenna's architectural style. The external voussoirs reveal the different construction phases: in the lower part, dating from the 11 -12 centuries, they are smaller than those on the upper part; those on the upper part are larger, dating from the 13 -14 centuries. The structure is 43,50 meters high and is approximately 7 meters of diameter with a conic roof, under which there is a cella campanaria—the bell-gable—with three bells. Recent restoration work allows visitors to climb up to the top under the conic roof where the bells are, by means of comfortable staircases and landings.
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