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Museo ornitologico - naturalistico "S. Bambini"

Where Loc. Candeleto, Pietralunga (Perugia)
The 300 specimens of birds exhibited represent 98% of the Umbrian Apennines avifauna, including birds of prey, waterfowl and passerines and some extraneous to the regional fauna, as well as some mammals in a room specially built for them. Inside the Oasis—characterized by extended coniferous and oak forests—didactic environmental activities dedicated to the observation of the air and flight, together with the forest and its inhabitants, are organized. Coordinated and led by the Guardia Forestale dello Stato, the Museum had its foundation laid down thanks to the collections of Silvio Bambini, a bus conductor from Città di Castello who—at the end of the 1970s—by making contact with local hunters and others succeeded in recovering a number of rare species of birds and mammals from the local environment, the majority of which are protected by law today. The collection is enriched by an interactive scale model of the High Tiber Valley and two dioramas, one of which is dedicated to the marsh environment inhabited by at least 25 specimens. There, attentive ears can recognize the characteristics of the species they belong to by listening to their chirping. Moreover, the Museum organizes guided visits and environmental didactical experiences in the Oasis, which is characterized by extended oak and conifer forests. The edifice housing the Museum is a two-storey building: the first is dedicated to the collection, while the second is dedicated to two didactic laboratories. In addition, there is a didactic room and space dedicated to manual labor experience, research and other activities dedicated to a correct and complete environmental education.
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