Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Comunale

Where Via del Popolo, 17, Gubbio (Perugia)

Civic Theater An Accademia, expressly constituted by the nobles of Gubbio for this purpose, promoted and financed—starting from 1713—the construction of the Teatro Comunale of Gubbio. Of more modest size than the current theaters, it was inaugurated during the period of the Carnival of 1738. But, structural problems started to come out: in 1840 a forty year period of work of restoration began, there was a complete inversion of the positions of the stage and parterre stalls, the construction of the atrium and annexed rooms and the building of a new façade. The new theater was inaugurated in 1862, and in addition to the structural work, the work of decorating and all furniture and fittings were executed, not exclusively but mainly, by the major Egubin artists of the time. Among them, the decoration of the audience hall of Raffaele Antonioli and the gilded chandelier with the Bohemia crystals are both outstanding. Declared not fit for use in 1961, it was restored again from 1975 to 24 March 1985, when it inaugurated a new life.

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Gubbio is a town and comune in the far northeastern part of the Italian province of Perugia (Umbria). It is located on the lowest slope of Mt. Ingino, a small...

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