Historical building

Palazzo Pretorio

Piazza Grande, 5A, Gubbio, (Perugia)

The Praetorian Palace is located in Signoria Square. Its construction began in 1349 and continued until the seventeenth century, without ever coming to completion....

Historical building

Palazzo dei Consoli

Piazza Grande, 1, Gubbio, (Perugia)

The Palace of the Consuls The Palazzo dei Consoli is clearly visible from a long distance and stands in the historical city center of Gubbio. Its façade overlooks...

Archaeological Area

Teatro Romano

Via del Teatro Romano, Gubbio, (Perugia)

The Roman Theater The ancient Roman Theater is in the municipality of Gubbio, in the archaeological area called Della Guastuglia; it corresponds to the vast...

Religious building

Cattedrale dei Santi Mariano e Giacomo (Duomo)

Via Federico da Montefeltro, 8, Gubbio, (Perugia)

It is dedicated to the martyrs Saints whose relics are preserved under the central altar. The current Gothic Cathedral, whose construction began in the late twelfth...


Museo Diocesano

Via Federico da Montefeltro, 22, Gubbio, (Perugia)

Diocesan Museum The Museo Diocesano is in the historical city center of Gubbio, between the Cathedral of the Santi Giacomo and Mariano and Palazzo Ducale, built by...

Historical building

Palazzo del Bargello

Via Consoli, 35, Gubbio, (Perugia)

Named after the Bargello, that is, the local police chief, according to which, the tradition, was the residence. Typical example of Gothic architecture in a Medieval...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Giovanni

Piazza San Giovanni, 3, Gubbio, (Perugia)

It was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, on the site previously occupied by the primitive Cathedral of St. Mariano. The Church has a Gothic...


Palazzo Ducale

Via della Cattedrale, 1, Gubbio, (Perugia)

Palazzo Ducale Museum “MAD” The Museo d’Arte Palazzo Ducale, MAD, is located in the highest terracing of the Town of Gubbio, in front of the Cathedral of the...


Museo della Maiolica a lustro

Via Dante, 24, Gubbio, (Perugia)

The Tin-Glazed Majolica Museum The collections of the Museo della Maiolica a Lustro are housed on the first floor of the medieval tower of Porta Romana, near the...

Religious building

Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo

Via Sant'Ubaldo, Gubbio, (Perugia)

The Basilica holds the body of the patron Saint of Gubbio, which takes its name. It was built on an existing small church in 1513. The exterior is simple: the top of...

Religious building

Convento di San Francesco

Piazza 40 Martiri, 9, Gubbio, (Perugia)

St. Francis's Church is a work of the architect Fra' Bevignate and stands where it was the former residence of Spadalonga family, of which there are traces in the...


Teatro Comunale

Via del Popolo, 17, Gubbio, (Perugia)

Civic Theater An Accademia, expressly constituted by the nobles of Gubbio for this purpose, promoted and financed—starting from 1713—the construction of the...