Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo

Where Via Sant'Ubaldo, Gubbio (Perugia)

The Basilica holds the body of the patron Saint of Gubbio, which takes its name. It was built on an existing small church in 1513. The exterior is simple: the top of a large-scale, introduces a portal inside, where there is a large cloister with brick arches and vaults, in which one can see lunettes the remains of frescoes. The pillars near the entrance have a marble base in palombino, with bas-reliefs. Five doors introduce to the Church: the three central portals are carved in stone and original wooden carved doors. The interior is divided into five naves, dominated by the main altar built in 1884 in neo-Gothic style with fake mosaic decorations. At the top of the altar are placed eight small statues of the Saints related to the city, and on top is placed the urn which houses the preserved body of St. Ubaldo. The Church is illuminated by windows with stained glass windows depicting the Stories of the Life of the Saint, made in 1922.

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