Luogo - Museum

Museo dei fossili e minerali del monte Nerone

Where Via XX Settembre, 25, Apecchio (Pesaro e Urbino)

The Museum is housed in the basement of the Renaissance Ubaldini Palace, built in the mid '400 by Count Ottaviano Ubaldini on a project by architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. The collection includes mainly fossil material dating back some 200 million years ago, from Nerone Mount. Specimens of particular interest consist of ammonites, along with flint tools, cave bear skulls and bones of elephants and other vertebrates from Lazio and Umbria more recent as well as minerals from many sources. Notable is the section with skulls, eggs and claws dinosaur from the United States and Mongolia, as well as a room devoted to human evolution, skulls of hominids, Homo Sapiens Aegyptopithecus. The material is accompanied by explanatory panels.

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