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Museo di San Francesco

Where Piazza San Francesco, Mercatello sul Metauro (Pesaro e Urbino)
The Church of San Francesco, already a monumental building in itself, went on to become the home of important works of art from other religious buildings from 1926, the year in which the imposing restoration works begun at the start of the century were completed, returning the church to its early Franciscan simplicity. The Museum of San Francesco was only established in 1977, when the altar pieces that had previously been removed from the church, were placed in what was once the vestry. The current layout, dating back to 2005, has removed all extraneous works from the church and now also occupies the first floor of the adjacent monastery. The itinerary through these charming architectural areas brings together the historical and artistic testimonies created through the centuries by the local Christian community. It includes works of art of extraordinary value and through paintings, sculptures and vestments it embraces the last thousand years.
Museo di San Francesco c
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