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Cimitero di Sansepolcro - Sacrario degli Slavi

Where Strada Provinciale Marecchia, Sansepolcro (Arezzo)

New Sansepolcro Cemetery, designed in 1997 by architect Paolo Zermani, partially encircles old nineteenth-century cemetery located between the hill and the city, just off Porta Fiorentina. Cemetery is located within the so-called Shrine of Slavs, inaugurated on 15 December 1973. Memorial was built by Yugoslav government behind the project of sculptor Jovan Kratohvil. It houses 446 urns with the remains of as many Yugoslav citizens, from all areas of Balkan state, in particular from Slovenia and Croatia, died in Italy during detention in concentration camps (160 of whom died in Renicci, in municipality of Anghiari) or in the struggle for liberation.

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