Luogo - Museum

Stabilimento tipografico "Pliniana"

Where Loc. Selci Lama - Viale F. Nardi, 12, San Giustino (Perugia)
“Pliniana” Typographical Plant Museum The Museum is in the locality of Selci-Lama, between Città di Castello and San Giustino, inside the typographical plant of the Stabilimento Tipografia “Pliniana”. Through instruments and historical printing machinery of the time the visitor can retrace the history and the activity of this private enterprise that took pride in having performed prints for important publishing houses and public and religious institutions. The Museum premises are inside the Pliniana Typographical Plant, founded in 1913 by Don Ruggero Fiordelli. The instruments and historical printing machinery of the time are collected inside, such as: lead movable types mounted on type cases of the French model in Greek, Lithuanian and Cyrillic languages, algebraic and chemical signs to compose ‘formulae’, and both offset and lithographic zinc clichés, some of which reproduce maps of entire towns. Moreover, perfectly preserved and operating tools and equipment are on display: a Monotype keyboard, a Monotype caster and a Linotype machine together with its set of matrices and auxiliary instruments–Micrometer—to measure the characters, a printing machine of the brand Mussano & Sito, a punching machine with which postal bills were set, a brass thread cutting and a draft printer for proofreading.
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