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Raccolta delle Memorie Ubaldiane

Where Convento di Sant'Ubaldo - V. M.Te Ingino, 5, Gubbio (Perugia)

Collection of St Ubald Memoires The Raccolta delle Memorie Ubaldiane is held in Sant’Ubaldo Convent up on Mount Igino. It is a Permanent Museum Collection, which through the display of objects, documents and works of art, illustrates the life of Ubald, Patron Saint of Gubbio, who lived between 1085 and 1160, and the cult that in the course of the centuries has been dedicated to his memory. It also refers to the renowned Festa dei Ceri—St. Ubald Day—a popular celebration that has been performed every 15 May—on the eve of his death—in Gubbio for 800 years. Among the works exhibited, apart from the paintings, wooden objects and votive items, there are preserved woven manufactured vestments, found inside the reliquary where the body of the Saint was kept. In particular, there is a “dirty, lacerated and patched white gown of rude cloth, with unmatched sleeves” of flax and a yellow silk and flax drape with a red decoration, depicting a series of birds and rampant lions, facing each other in alternated and parallel rows, framed by a rigid geometrical structure called “wolf tooth”, both dating from the 13th century.

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Gubbio is a town and comune in the far northeastern part of the Italian province of Perugia (Umbria). It is located on the lowest slope of Mt. Ingino, a small...

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