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Complesso Monumentale della Cripta del Crocifisso e della Chiesa della Madonna di Costantinopoli

Where Strada Provinciale 206, Ugento (Lecce)

The rocky church of the XII century is located near the Messapian city walls, on the ancient Traiana Salentina road (II century AD). The decorations that cover the vault and the cycle of paintings along the inside perimeter of the hypogeum are unique. On the ceiling are painted crusaders shields, stars and mythological figures. Date back to the XIII century are frescoes of the vault, the painting of the Annunciazione and the painting of the Vergine della Tenerezza. Right in the XIV century are painted the Cristo Pantocratore, St. Nicola and the Vergine in trono. The last decorative intervention dates back to the XVII century when it is painted the scene of the Crocifissione that dominates the central altar. In the closeness of the Cripta there is the small church of Madonna di Costantinopoli  (XVIII century).

(Texts and translations by "Archaeological Consulting Studio")


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