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Where Ugento (Lecce)

Ugento is a town in the province of Lecce. Its territory, in the Salento, includes a stretch of the Ionian coast. The town stands partly on the site of Ozan (Uxentum), important Messapian town. In 2008, Ugento was recognized "City of Art" and "Tourist City in Economics from the Puglia Region" for its architectural, archaeological and environmental beauty. The territory of Ugento is vast and varied, characterized by the presence of many drainage basins. The hill on which stands the village was occupied since the Prehistoric era, but reliable evidence of a settlement it has only from the sixth century BC, which dates back to the bronze artifact known as "Zeus of Ugento" and painted tomb of Via Salentina (IX century BC). When Illyrian people merged with the local population, they gave rise to Messapica civilization and Ugento became one of the largest urban and powerful centers: the city-state, with a brand and its own army. During the Roman Empire, Ugento became part of the grand design expansionism of Rome, becoming ally municipality. Between the fifth and sixth century, the city was the scene of several barbarian invasions, which ended in 545 with the destruction by the Goths. It underwent a second destruction by the Saracens in 842, and then rise again due to the presence of Basilian monks. The city took on the Greek characteristic appearance and was equipped with new walls. With the advent of the Normans around 1071, the Greek bishopric was again replaced by the Latin one. Several were the families that alternated the government in Ugento. The economy is based on the primary sector, processing of local products (grapes and olives) and tourism.

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