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Museo della radio

Where Via Vittorio Veneto, 114, Tuglie (Lecce)
The museum was born from the collection of Mr. Salvatore Micali, who for over thirty years has collected and preserved with care a considerable fortune of radio. The city oversaw the renovation of a building belonging to him in Via Vittorio Veneto, where the Museum is housed. The preserved and displayed materials are of considerable value and present a fascinating journey into the always changing world of the history of radio. The Micali collection is consistent and continuous; it documents almost faultlessly the evolution of transmission and listen systems and re-creates a route historically and culturally based. From the Edison automatic telegraph transmitter (USA, 1893) to crystal set receivers or those from the years of 1920 to 1960-70, the pieces are merged into the Museum and are orderly displayed, explaining a piece of history from civilization and technology, with thanks to how far it has come, to today’s speed and the complexity in the area of communications. In the Museum there is also a bibliography section (books and magazines)about the history and techniques of radio communication. An area that will be expanded to make up a "specialised" Library section of the Museum of Radio.
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