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Museo comunale della ceramica

Where Piazza Municipio, 12, Cutrofiano (Lecce)
The Museum of Ceramics of Cutrofiano was established in 1985 as a simple exhibition of traditional pottery produced by local craftsmen from the past (both as an enhancement of activity that has characterised the country since ancient times and as a testimony to the ways of life which have now vanished). This initial collection has been enriched over time by subsequent donations and also due to the purchase of a small collection of majolica. Moreover, the need to document historically the local production has led to an investigation of the area with the identification of some archaeological sites. The museum, since its establishment, is housed with the public library where there is a special section dedicated to ceramic studies. The Museum was enriched in the summer of 2010, by a whole collection of terracotta whistles, a Mario Briosi gift. After a visit to the museum of Cutrofiano, Mario Briosi, a Milanese collector, considered the quality of the museum’s collection along with the passion and skills of those taking care of the museum and thought that his collection of whistles (the result of great culture and passion, but also of a research over many decades) could be valued as he had wanted, at the museum.
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