Luogo - Museum

Museo Borgo Terra

Where Piazza del popolo, 6, Muro Leccese (Lecce)
The Museum of Borgo Terra was inaugurated in 2004 at the Palazzo del Principe in Muro Leccese, a castle to defend the ancient fortified town. The museum exhibits objects, ceramics and tools ranging from the Messapica age to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, retracing the history and social life of the village, reproduced in a model that stands in the middle of the exhibition hall. Many of the finds were found during the restoration of the castle in 1999. Since then the University of Lecce has conducted numerous excavations which have shown the importance of the historical centre of Muro Leccese in Messapica and the Medieval Age . The Museum of Borgo terra is the first example of valorization of an ancient village of Salento that tells, through archaeological evidence, its historical and social changes over the centuries.
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