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Museo Civico di Paleontologia e Paletnologia “Decio de Lorentiis"

Where Via Vittorio Emanuele, 117, Maglie (Lecce)
Founded in 1960, the Museum of Maglie in 1999 was transferred to its present location, a beautiful home of the early twentieth century, which forms the cultural city complex known as Alca, together with the municipal library. It is the only museum in southern Italy dedicated exclusively to the reconstruction of prehistoric paintings from the entire Salento, the new building has enhanced some fields such as geology of the land and human evidence of protohistoric times. These sections, by now classic, have recently added the ethnographic section, full of fine African art objects. Providing spaces for teaching, small events and exhibitions, the Museum of Maglie is characterised for its educational services that annually attract school groups coming from outside Salento, university groups and scholars and also offer themed tours on land for tourist and association groups.
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