Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico Pietro Cavoti

Where Piazza Alighieri 51, Galatina (Lecce)
The museum - which was once housed in the current city hall - is located in a wing of the first floor of the former Dominican monastery which is now the Palace of Culture "Zeffirino Rizzelli", which also houses the library and the ’historical municipal archive. The birth of the museum, already advocated in 1913 by the scholar Cosimo De Giorgi, was due to the initiative of Francesco Bardoscia, secretary of the local section of the PNF. The collection was inaugurated in 1936 in the first place with the exhibition of antiquities and works of local heritage. The main collections are essentially two: the collection Cavoti (drawings, caricatures, a collection of prints and engravings, notebooks and study notes, photographs), donated by the grandson in 1931, and the collection of works by sculptor Gaetano Galatina Martinez (1882-1951), one of the greatest sculptors from Southern Italy of the twentieth century
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