Luogo - Museum

Museo Civico "Emanuele Barba"

Where Via Antonietta de Pace, 108, Gallipoli (Lecce)
Founded in 1878 by Emanuele Barba, the museum is structured in collections from different sectors. The historical artistic section include painting of artists from Salento working in the 19th an 20 th century, collections of vintage clothing and accessories, a beautiful collection of ceramics and glasses, firearms and siede arms. Peculiarities of this museum are the miscellaneous collections of varied spheres. Even the scientific sector has got some pieces of undoubted interest going from mineralogy to oceonografy, zoology and fossils, with the enourmous fossil of a whale, symbol of the museum. Here used to be an ancient library collection, with incunabula, cinquecentine and manuscripts on Gallipoli’s upper class, now preserved in the town public library.
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