Luogo - Castle

Castello Spinola-Caracciolo

Where Piazza Castello, 9, Andrano (Lecce)

Andrano Castle dates back to the thirteenth century, then adapted to the new demands of war due to the Turkish invasion of the fifteenth century. The building has a quadrangular plant, reinforced by towers at the corners of square section. A cornice divides the main floor from the bottom, while the facade retains a caditoia perpendicular to the gateway. The first architectural layout matches the cylindrical tower, moat and south-west tower (dating back to the sixteenth century). The Baroque loggia on the main front, marking the transformation of the Castle into a noble residence. Interesting its courtyard with interior staircase and numerous inscriptions. Past repeatedly it owned, after the Caracciolo family, the Castle was donated to the "Institute Pie Filippini Teachers" and purchased by the municipal administration in the eighties.

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