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Chiesa di Santa Sofia

Where Via San Sofia, 1-9, Corsano (Lecce)

The current building is the rebuilding from scratch the old church of the fifteenth century, which collapsed in 1932. The cult of St. Sophia in Corsano dates back to the late Byzantine: you can find the presence of a church dedicated to her since the tenth century. The original building had a Greek cross plant and single nave. In the night between April 16 and 17, 1932, the bell tower collapsed on itself, because of the failure of the clay layer on which were placed the foundations, there were no casualties, but the right wing of the Church was completely destroyed and it was decided to demolish it in favor of a building constructed from scratch. The new Church was inaugurated in 1939. Built in Leuca stone, Neoclassical, until the last ninety years, St. Sophia was accompanied by numerous statues and paintings: housed a wooden pulpit of 1777, a baptismal font of the nineteenth century in Carrara marble and the tomb of Capece, partly translated in the Chapel of the Crucifixion. It was the Mother Church of Corsano until 1965, when they were being worked for the St. Blaise's Church. Reopened for worship in 2009, St. Sophia has gradually recovered its beauty.

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