Luogo - Museum

Collezione Archeologica Adolfo Colosso

Where Via Messapica, 14, Ugento (Lecce)

It is one of the most important historical collection in Apulia. It is preserved in the stables of the namesake palace and has about 794 finds dated from the VII century BC and the early Middle Ages. The finds is arranged in thematic sections. Here are exhibited the characteristic elements of the Messapians’ ceramic repertoire and imported finds from Greece. Among the sculptural finds there is a man head (late IV century BC) and a male stone torso. An important element of the collection is the doric capital with abacus decorated with rosettes, similar to that on which was a statue of Zeus. Noteworthy are the numismatic collection and the corpus of Messapian inscriptions.

(Texts and translations by "Archaeological Consulting Studio")


Every day 10:00/12:00 am; 5:00/9:00 pm

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