Luogo - Castle

Castello dei Principi d’Amore

Where Via Castello, Ugento (Lecce)

The first defensive structure dates back to the late imperial stage (III-IV century AD) and subsequently modified and finished by the Normans. In the XII century it becomes the dwelling-fortress of the Baron of the city. With the Anjou, the Castle became royal and is renovated again and again. In 1273 Charles I of Anjou stay there as a guest of Adenolfo d’Aquino. In 1537, after the occupation of the barbarians led by the Algerian pirate Barbarossa, the building was largely destroyed. In 1564, the Count Vincenzo Pandone rebuilds the structure. It was also home of the Counts Orsini del Balzo and of the Colonna during the time. From 1643 to the present-day is a possession of the family of the Marchesi d’Amore. The boardrooms on the first floor preserve the walls and ceiling painted by local workers, with bucolic scenes or with classical myth scenes.

(Texts and translations by "Archaeological Consulting Studio")


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