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Nuovo Museo Archeologico

Where Largo Sant’Antonio, 1, Ugento (Lecce)

It is the heart of Sistema Museale di Ugento, in the convent of S. Maria della Pietà dei Frati Minori Osservanti (1455), which holds an interesting pictorial cycle. In the cloister there is  the monumental Tomba dell’Atleta (VI - IV century BC ). On the ground floor are exhibited the model of the ancient city, the finds from infant burials and from the tomb of a warrior. One of the most important finds is the “trozzella”. On the first floor there is the wing dedicated to the necropolis and the walls of the ancient city. A second wing is centred on indigenous cults of Messapia. At the centre there is the copy of the statue of Ugento’s Zeus, the bronze masterpiece from Magna Graecia. There are three other rooms dedicated to medieval pottery from Ugento and the numismatic section.

(Texts and translations by "Studio Archaeological Consulting")


Every day 10:00/12:00 am; 5:00/9:00 pm

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