Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Rovito

Where Via Roma, 47, Ugento (Lecce)

The aristocratic palace consists of buildings from different historical phases. The original nucleus of the seventeenth century is built on a wing of the palace of Raimondello Orsini del Balzo, Baron of Ugento, built between the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century and destroyed during the Turkish invasion of 1537. In the second half of the nineteenth century became property of the Rovito family and expanded with the addition of new facilities that give its present day aspect. The building is full-fledged on two levels with a small area on the mezzanine floor. The service areas on the ground floor overlooking the cloister. The rooms on the first floor are very large and all communicating each other. The boardrooms preserve stucco and painted ceilings.

(Texts and translations by "Studio Archaeological Consulting")


Every day 10:00/12:00 am; 5:00/9:00 pm

Palazzo Rovito c
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