Luogo - Library

Biblioteca Fardelliana

Where Largo San Giacomo , 18, Trapani

Historical Library founded in 1830 by the noble Trapani Giovanbattista Fardella, then Minister of War of the Two Sicilies Kingdom. Fardella donated most of his books and papers and, together with the historian Giuseppe Di Ferro, opened to Public Municipal Library of Capovalle, which in March 1831 became "Fardelliana". The seat, after 1860, was placed in St. James the Great's Church, built by Knights of the Equestrian Order of St. James of Compostela in the thirteenth century, renovated in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and restored in 2008. The columns that you can admired in "Fardella Hall" they were brought from St. Rocco's Chirch and represent the last remains of Arab in Trapani. Library has a total assets of 152 thousand documents, including ancient illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, choral, Archive of the City Senate, Antonio Scontrino's papers, Giuseppe Polizzi, Alberto Buscaino Campo, Vincenzo Fardella di Torrearsa and Nunzio Nasi. The oldest text by St. Augustine is an incunabulum printed in Cologne, in 1467. It contains over 145,000 documents and a fully newspaper library.

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