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Hydrofoils to Favignana: prices and timetables

Written by Marco Spadafora, 09/05/19

Are you searching for the hydrofoils that reach Favignana - the white island consisting of tuff and a clear blue sea? Below you will find everything that you need to know in order to reach Favignana and the other Egadi Islands -  Marettimo and Levanzo -  by hydrofoil from Sicily and beyond. What awaits you is a full Mediterranean holiday that has the feel of the sea, relaxation and legends.

How to reach the Egadi Islands: all of hydrofoils that reach Favignana

Are you in the mood for a Mediterranean vacation in search of the sun, sea and absolute relaxation? The Egadi Islands are the destination for you! Here's how to reach them as well as all of the necessary information about the hydrofoils that reach Favignana which depart from Sicily and the rest of Italy.

Reaching the island of Favignana and the Egadi Archipelago - Levanzo and Marettimo - from the Sicilian ports is the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy a short cruise. But the uncontaminated paradise of Egadi can also be reached from the other regions of Italy. One must simply organize themselves and discover all there is to know about the hydrofoils that reach Favignana as well as the prices and timetables for each route.

The island which has been marked by man, by the sea and by the wind, is the flattest of the Egadi islands and allows you to enjoy a natural vacation consisting of rare beauty: it can be visited on foot or by bicycle, Favignana offers long walks and suggestive panoramas, many of which are submersed in the midst of the blue sea. One can already note this beauty at the time of departure as soon you board the hydrofoils that reach Favignana which offer a real "journey within the journey".

This wonderful location is a reference point of the Egadi archipelago and is located about 7 km away from the western coast of Sicily. Located between Trapani and Marsala - which are the main Sicilian ports from which the hydrofoils depart for Favignana - and where you can find all of the information relating to prices and timetables.

The name Favignana derives from the Latin favonius (favonio), which is a term used by the Romans to indicate the warm wind that blows from the west. The village is situated in a natural inlet which is located within the port where the ferries and the hydrofoils for Favignana dock. On those shores there are also typical buildings which are fit for fishing and the ancient Tonnare Florio.

The ticket office in Marsala is located at the embarkation pier found at Piazza Piemonte Lombardo, which is near the city's port. The company responsabile for the hydrofoils that reach Favignana is called Liberty Lines and offers the following departures consisting of a half hour journey: 

Everyday 7.10 - 12.15 - 17.25 

It takes an hour of sailing, on the other hand, for the journey from Trapani if you take the hydrofoils that reach Favignana.  They depart from the port and reach the Egadi Islands on the trail of lights and of a clear blue sea that evokes the ancient stories of the tuna fishermen who sailed that same stretch of the sea for generations.

The Liberty Lines ticket office in Trapani is located at the boarding pier in Via Ammiraglio Staiti. The timetables for the hydrofoils that reach Favignana are as follows: 

Everyday from 6.50 to 7.30pm -  with departures every forty minutes. 

Sailing on the hydrofoils that reach Favignana from the coasts of western Sicily is also a way to learn about and visit the beauties that both departure cities - Marsala and Trapani - offer. They provide so much abundance with their respective artistic aspects as well as with their food and wine specialties. All of these wonders are to be discovered while one waits to board, or upon your arrival after spending a couple of relaxing days on the Egadi Islands.

The experience of traveling between the Egadi Islands also includes some internal travel which consists of a short trip aboard the hydrofoils that reach Favignana from the other "sister locations" - Levanzo and Marettimo - and vice versa -  while heading towards these two amazing destinations.

According to legend, the god Elios sent his flock to the island of Trinacria, entrusting it to the custody of his lovely daughters and their mother, whose names seem to derive from those of the Egadi Islands: Auegusa - Favignana (Foetusa), Pharbantia - Levanzo ( Lampatia) and Hiera - Marettimo (Neerea).

The other ferries and hydrofoils that reach Favignana and the Egadi Islands from Naples

This windswept corner of the Mediterranean which often shapes the wild beauty of the landscapes of the Egadi Islands Archipelago can also be reached by sea from the port of Naples.  This can be done by taking a real cruise up to the landing at Favignana, and  lasts about 6 hours and 30 minutes.

The Siremar and Liberty Lines companies offer ferry boat service as well as hydrofoils that reach Favignana directly from the Gulf of Naples and from the Beverello pier.
This solution is a real sea voyage and is to be fully enjoyed during summer vacation along with your family.  It foresees a cost of about 200 Euros round trip.  It departs exclusively on Saturdays during July and August. The service may vary from year to year, therefore it is advisable to call the reference numbers to make sure of the actual departure times in advance. 

The hydrofoils that reach Favignana and the Egadi Islands: what to do and see once you reach land 

Once you have reached your destination after traveling aboard the hydrofoils that reach Favignana, all you have to do is just enjoy your holiday on the Egadi Islands. It is the best choice for those who love to fully experience the crystal clear sea of western Sicily and the truly uncontaminated nature.

The silence and clear blue waters are the absolute protagonists of the Egadi Islands archipelago which delineate the dimension of an ideal holiday. The are able to enchant the five senses and capture them through the uniqueness of light, colors, scents, the songs sung by the waves and birds, and through the gastronomical delights of this ancient land of tuna fishermen.

The traditional Mediterranean architecture of the island of Favignana is characterized by typical white plaster and windows that are painted  blue and green.  This depicts a landscape where man's hand blends harmoniously with that of nature, creating a balance that is now recognized and protected by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, as well.

As soon one steps off the hydrofoils that reach Favignana – you can find yourself greeted by the unique embrace of an island that mainly has a Mediterranean feel in the midst of bushy shrubs and green woods of Mediterranean pines.

It is possible to practice various sports and recreational activities in this corner of paradise. There is something available for all tastes, really - and not only in Favignana: from the trekking trails of Marettimo, to diving in the secluded coves of Levanzo -  the Egadi Islands are able to give you naturalistic experiences that take your breath away. These can be combined as always with other activities that are just as interesting such as the local specialties which combine a disturbing mix of smells and tastes, and offer tourists a taste of something that has been forgotten elsewhere.

The Egadi Islands, along with the other islands, are therefore a magical archipelago where the sea is the dominant feature and must be explored aboard the hydrofoils that reach Favignana which go back and forth daily to connect every strip of land: cliffs, beaches and intact coves - where it is possible to bathe in the clear waters that are characterized by the changing colors of a sea which is still full of life. In fact, there are many excursions that are suitable for everyone, both young and old. These excursions start off from Favignana and the other islands and allows you to choose the solution that best suits your needs: from touring the islands by boat to visiting the gardens of the hypogeum; from climbing by donkey to reach the top of Monte Santa Caterina, to the possibility of trying out a Sport Fishing Charter which is one of the very few found in Italy.

There are however, also some cultural attractions: from the aforementioned former Florio Establishment which is the largest sea museum in Europe, as well as an ancient tuna processing plant which still remembers the glorious past of the island's fishermen. There is also Villa Florio located in the port area along with the Egadi Archaeological Museum. Finally, it is also possible to admire the most important complex of parietal figures engraved in Italy at a suggestive prehistoric site which dates back to the Paleolithic Era at the Grotta del Genovese,

In short, reaching the Egadi Islands and departing with one of the many ferries and hydrofoils that reach Favignana -  the main island of the Archipelago – means treating yourself to a dream vacation where you make a fixed stop and then move on. There is no doubt that the visitor is able to rediscover the pleasure of simple things and nature while sometimes leaving one breathless with its unexpected beauty.

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