Luogo - Historical building

Torre di Ligny - Museo Civico

Where Via Torre di Ligny, 37, Trapani

The Ligny Tower is an ancient coastal tower located at the western end of the city of Trapani, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Strait of Sicily. It was built in 1671, on the orders of General Captain of the Kingdom of Sicily, Claude Lamoral, Ligne's Prince (Belgium), to defend the city from the incursions of the Barbary pirates. In 1806 it was made feasible the passage that connected it to the mainland and, since 1861, on the roof of the building were still installed guns. Built and designed by Carlos De Grunembergh, the quadrangular Tower, which narrows upwards, it was equipped with four watchtowers in masonry and fitted with lights. In 1983, was set up inside the Prehistory Museum, today "Ligny Tower Museum", which exposes Prehistoric remains at the ground floor and marine archeology at the first floor.

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