Luogo - Religious building


Where Piazza Sant'Anna, Teramo
The little brick church is what remains of the fore part, most likely a vestibule, of the ancient Santa Maria Aprutiensis Cathedral, founded in the sixth century upon a previous Roman building; rebuilt in the twelfth century, it was nearly razed to the ground by Roberto di Loretello in 1155. One of the external sides preserves the arcade of a partition wall, while the interior, considerably below the road-ground, is divided by low pillars, which support cross-vaults, made of brick as well. Among the extant paintings there is a scene of Majesty with saints by Giacomo from Campli, who operated in the area of Teramo and Ascoli in the second half of the fifteenth century. The archaeological sites beside the church, which can be visited, brought to light the plan of the ancient cathedral, consisting in a nave and two aisles with circular apse at the top.
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